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The set has the extension Caudata .

The order with tails or Toads (Salamanders) or Newts (Newts) has about 770 species divided into 9 families. They are widely distributed from hot to cold countries. Some representatives of the order Toadfish are the largest amphibians in the world (Chinese Giant Toadfish (Andrias davidianus and Andrias sligoi) with a size of up to 1.8 m. Vietnam records a single family that is the family. Toad fish – Salamandridae with 8 species.

Họ Cá cóc


Họ Cá cóc – Salamandridae có khoảng 130 loài, chia thành 3 Dưới họ. Việt Nam ghi nhận 1 dưới họ là Dưới họ Pleurodelinae

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