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Amphibian in Vietnam .

To date, there are about 8000 species of amphibians in the world. Vietnam has a modest area of less than 350,000 km2, but there are nearly 300 species of amphibians that have been discovered and many complex homomorphic species, many new gene lines have been discovered. Although biologically, amphibians still have some limitations, but they have adapted and distributed in almost all parts of the country, from cold high mountains (Fansipan, 3143 m) to islands and arid regions. ... those are very interesting features for the discovery of diversity, biology, ecology...


First of all, this website was born with the desire to re-systematize the database for myself and the research team, and at the same time share the capital about amphibians to readers as well as bring information to those who are interested. share the same passion, or satisfy the needs of any reader... and how to spread this information fastest, with interaction, addition, feedback... to date data more perfect. The website contributes to supplement the existing databases in the country in Vietnamese on similar species, in the long term, towards a reliable source for reference, reference and reference.


The website will be a library of Amphibian species in Vietnam in Vietnamese, conveying the most basic information, from images to life characteristics, importance and threats to amphibians. Hopefully, the Vietnam Amphibian page meets the expectations of readers.


This database is the result of many years of research, field records, as well as references to previous literature, not only the product of an individual, but the result of achievements. Research by scientists in Vietnam and the world together with the inheritance and supplementation of the authors, images and documents, if cited, the source will be clearly stated.


About why this website was compiled in Vietnamese, the story begins when reading the quote in the book Seaweed Vietnam published in 1969 by Professor Pham Hoang Ho: “At first, this book was drafted in a foreign language. , while working at the Nha Trang Naval Academy and at the Museum, and I had the ambition to publish in that foreign language to publish my research work in four directions, as implicitly promised when submitting my thesis.

But now I have changed my mind and published it in Vietnamese. It is to demonstrate that any language, as long as it is taken care of, can express knowledge at any level. I know that there are many people who think that not publishing in an international language is a waste of money, how do researchers know. But I see no need for that. Being known and used by tens of millions of Vietnamese people is more valuable than being enjoyed by a few thousand professional scholars.

I gave up the false pride of competing with outsiders to create a reputation for myself, "infecting the Vietnamese people". I believe that pride is not realistic, because a good Vietnamese, not as many good Vietnamese people: holding a torch to light the city, who seems out of date while the country is still gloomy. The above pride is actually just to cover up the irresponsibility, the unforgivable abandonment of duty before our children and grandchildren."  - [according to the documents of Ngo The Vinh].

Because of these meanings, all information in the Vietnam Amphibian website is in Vietnamese to bring the information to the widest audience in the easiest way to understand.


We appreciate the comments, constructive criticism, feedback on the information in the website. Every interaction please send an email to the address on vnherps @  so that we can improve this website.

Best regards,


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